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[Su:m37] LosecSumma Elixir Mask Secréta 6pcs

[Su:m37] LosecSumma Elixir Mask Secréta 6pcs

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Containing highly concentrated essence, one single use has the same effect as using the Essence Secréta for 15 times, it provides the skin with intensive care.

Core ingredient Cytosis®, Ferm-TheriacaTM and Ferm Arishta GoldTM, to address skin purification, enhance self-regeneration and revitalize the skin. Strengthens the skin barrier in order to minimize the impact from external environment and soothes sensitive skin. Improves the skin tone and smoothes out fine lines.

Triple layer constructed mask with soft cotton surface and elastic intermedium, together with a seperate design of facial and neck area, allowing the mask to provide a perfect coverage with a 3D all dimensional lifting effect.

Does not contain synthetic fragrance.


Direction of use:

1.Peel off the film on the back of the mask and place it on face after toner. Ensure the face mask matches the eyes, nose and lip area. Hold the sheet from each side of the cheeks and pull up to the temples to fit the face.

2.For the neck mask, check the top and bottom (the neck mask is shorter at the top and longer at the bottom). Hold each side of the neck mask and wrap around the neck to fit on. Pull the longer sheet towards the back of the neck.

3.Remove the mask after 10 – 20 minutes and gently pat on the remaining essence to enhance absorption.

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